Data Sharing Rewards

We Believe in Privacy and Fairness

Data, data, data, data its all being taken and used by thousands of big companies everyday often without your permission or consent and always to the benefit of the company collecting your data.

This is sometimes useful as you can get more targeted advertising?? we are told, or does more targeted advertising ultimately limit the variety of experiences and options you may have? is targeted advertising marginalising you and keeping you inside strict social confines?

It would not be so bad all these people using your data to make money if you saw some of that money in your own bank account.

Using an app to shop and compare prices immediately cuts our thousands of possible intrusions into your privacy via web browsers and gives you a much greater level of privacy, your personal data is not never shared without your explicit permission via an in app option.

We believe in privacy and fairness and if you choose to share your data you can earn money by using the app regularly for price comparisons, any money raised from sharing data you help to generate is split three ways: 

  1. You get 34%
  2. A local foodbank gets 33%.
  3. init care get 33% to help keep the app alive and up to date.


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