Realtime Supermarket Price Comparisons 

Save money on your weekly shop and earn money for shopping.

Live price comparisons for all major bricks and clicks supermarkets in the UK and USA
Live Supermarket Price Comparisons

Tired of paying too much for your supermarket shop then never fear init is here to help you save money on every shop.

Live price comparisons for all major bricks and clicks supermarkets in the UK, USA and Australia

Scan barcodes for faster price checks
Barcode Scanning

Scan single barcodes or complete baskets for fast product price and availability comparisons.

Scan favourite baskets at home to check before you shop or scan products in store to check neighbouring supermarket prices.


Help us to achieve our goal of helping to fund food banks in your community by price checking with init and telling your friends about the app #shopsharecare.

init does not store or share your personal data unless you opt in to data sharing rewards.


Save Favourite Products
Favourite Products List

The init care app allows you to save multiple favourite items from any supermarket or online vendor.

Instant price checks for community scanned items appear and favourites can easily be checked or added to baskets

Dietary Analysis and Wellness
Improve Your Wellness

The init care app is packed full of usefull and intuitive features such as allergen and lifestyle filters to help you shop faster.

Allergen and Keyword alerts help you avoid unwanted or dangerous products  with keyword highlighting and flags.

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